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There are a growing number of organisations across England and Wales who may be able to provide additional support or services to children and young people, parents, carers and families and professionals.


The charity runs projects across the country, supporting children, young people and families where abuse has happened. The charity works with children and families, offering early support in order to try to prevent CSE from happening (

CSA Centre of Expertise

Established to bring about a significant and system-wide change in how child sexual abuse is responded to locally and nationally, funded by the Home Office and led by Barnardo's the website has a services directory, listing around 500 services that support children and young people (


The Child Exploitation and Online Protection command host a website that allows people to report cases of online sexual abuse or online grooming and provides information and advice to children and young people, parents, carers and professionals through Think U Know (

Dewis Cymru

Has information on wellbeing in Wales and in Welsh alongside information on how to lead a good life, there is a list of local organisations and services that can help (


The purpose of Estyn is to inspect quality and standards in education and training in Wales, including safeguarding arrangements. Estyn also provides advice on quality and standards in education and training in Wales to the National Assembly for Wales and others and makes public good practice based on inspection evidence (

Internet Watch Foundation

The organisation works internationally to make the internet safer by removing images of child sexual abuse. The organisation allows people to anonymously and confidentially report CSA content (


A Midlands-based theatre company which runs educational programmes, teaching children about CSE through drama performances and workshops across the country. They work with age groups from eight to 15 (

Lucy Faithfull Foundation

An organisation that works with everyone affected by child sexual abuse, including male and female abusers, children and young people who present with harmful sexual behaviour and victims of abuse and their family members (

Marie Collins Foundation

This organisation specifically focuses on children and young people who suffer sexual abuse and exploitation via internet and mobile technology (


Fighting to end abuse against children, including sexual abuse and exploitation. The charity helps families to prevent abuse from happening and works with children and young people and their families (

NWG Network

An organisation for both professionals and parents and carers - the National Working Group offers support and advice for those working with children and young people who are affected by or at risk of sexual exploitation (


The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills is a government body who play a key part to ensuring that CSE is tackled and that the work of teachers and Children’s Services is forward thinking in its approach to dealing with CSE (


The charity helps parents across the UK understand what is happening to their child and how parents are the prime agents in helping their child exit and recover from exploitative experiences ( 

Public Health England

Public health teams have a vital part to play in the fight against child sexual exploitation. Local teams can identify those children at risk and get them to the help they need. Services within Public Health such as those for drugs, alcohol and sexual health, all have contact with children and young people who may be at an increased risk of sexual exploitation. By providing support and encouraging disclosure, these services can help those affected by exploitation at the earliest possibly opportunity ( 

Public Health Wales

The national public health agency in Wales and exists to protect and improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities for people in Wales. Public Health Wales, health boards and local authorities work closely together to promote public health in their areas, in partnership with communities, housing, education, police, fire and rescue and the voluntary sector. Health professionals therefore have an essential safeguarding role in ensuring that children receive the appropriate care, support and services they need (

Seen & Heard

A partnership between The Department of Health and The Children’s Society, Seen & Heard offers e-learning and training for professionals to teach them how to help a child or a young personal that discloses child sexual exploitation or abuse (

Stop It Now

A campaign and helpline run by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, which provides information and educates members of the public and provides training to those who work with children and families (

The Children’s Society

An charity which works with children and young people with multiple disadvantage. The Children’s Society has local services tackling the issue of CSE with children, young people and their families across England and Wales (

Victim Support

A charity that helps people that are affected by crime or traumatic events to get the help and support they need. They help children and young people affected by CSE feel safer and find the strength to move beyond crime (

Welsh Government

Headed by the First Minister of Wales, the Welsh Government is responsible for areas such as health, education, language and culture and public services and makes policies and laws for Wales. These include safeguarding children from abuse and educating those around them to recognise the signs and dangers (