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Strengthens protection for victims and potential victims of Child Sexual Exploitation.

Supports professionals to reduce the instances of CSE.

Security Industry Authority; engaging networks

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK.

In London the SIA had an action plan to raise awareness of CSE. It was decided to run a pan London event targeting all security staff who have a license with the SIA.


Intelligence Sharing - Motorway service stations

Across the West Midlands region there are 21 motorway service stations, which are an untapped source of intelligence. During the summer period in 2017, all the service station managers were visited by the West Midlands CSE coordinator and a central motorway intelligence officer. The managers were asked if they would display posters raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and Modern Slavery. Of the 21 services stations, 19 were able to positively engage in the campaign.

The posters were placed in service station entrances, concourses and toilets, all the hotels which were linked to the service stations and the lorry parks. Immediate feedback from service station staff was positive. The poster is also available to download without logos on it.

tailback of cars queuing on a motorway

Operation Sequence: Responding to intelligence

Derby College and British Transport Police (BTP) raised concerns about the safety of students travelling to and from the college. A transit area adjacent to the College, used by 3,000 students daily was identified as a potential exploitation hotspot where young people aged 16-18 were vulnerable to CSE and other forms of exploitation.

Working together Derby College, BTP, CSAE Prevention Officer and ROCU identified the need to increase understanding of CSAE with students, promote the BTP 61016 text number, increase the flow of intelligence to BTP, raise awareness with BTP, train and retail staff, East Midlands Train, teachers and students and to increase reporting of concerns and incidents.


Retailer Engagement - Dixon's retail stores

Children account for 1 in 3 internet users and while in school children and young people receive online safety education, there’s more that can be done to protect children online. By raising awareness with parents and carers, this can help prevent online CSE.

In Wales the CSAE Prevention Officer worked with Police on a retailer engagement proposal, aimed at developing partnerships with stores selling internet-enabled devices. Dixon's became a key retail partner in this work and awareness raising sessions were organised in conjunction with Police, Dixon's and the CSAE Prevention Officer.

Activity took place across a number of weekends including;

  • Awareness raising sessions with floor staff in stores, to increase knowledge and understanding of online CSE
  • Distribution of leaflets covering online child safety, to an estimated 5,000 members of the public
  • In-store online safety stalls, offering direct advice to customers on online safety.

Additional events have since been organised with other retail partners across Wales following this successful awareness raising work.


Disrupting CSE in shopping centres

This police-led operation was the Sexual Exploitation Team (SET East) response to a hotspot for CSE crime in Newham Borough.


Tackling CSE in football

Evidence shows a lack of CSAE reporting from Boys & Young Men (BYM) and lower awareness levels that BYM can be victims of CSAE. In the North East, the police action plan highlighted this group for targeted Prevention focused activity. Following research and scoping within the region it was felt that awareness raising should be targeted to those working with boys and young men but who weren’t necessarily working within the safeguarding arena. It was therefore decided that sport, particularly football would be a positive environment to target this particular piece of work.

Partnerships were established with various grassroots football teams, the Elite Football Academy and Premier League Training academy.

Helping to spot the signs of CSE

A training package was developed to use with sports coaches to raise their awareness around issues and covered CSE indicators, issues around consent, relationships, and how to safeguard children and young people by reporting concerns and sharing intelligence.

Currently two training sessions have been rolled out with a further five planned resulting in over 300 sports coaches receiving CSE training within the region.

This work has resulted in a partnership campaign between The Children’s Society, Northumbria Police, Newcastle Elite Football Academy, Sunderland Football Club and Middlesbrough Football club to tackle CSE in football, with the support from four Newcastle United Premier League footballers. The campaign has a video (below) aimed at young people, and involves footballers delivering key messages around CSE.

This work has increased awareness of CSAE in hard to reach groups and has improved identification of risk and appropriate action being taken. To support increased awareness of working with boys and young men we have also developed a toolkit for professionals

Close up of a girl looking to the side with text on the image about CSE